What are the requirements?

➤ What do I need to start learning online?

You probably already have everything you need: a computer/mobile device with working speakers/mic, a webcam and an internet connection.

➤ Do I have to wear a headset?

Not necessarily, but I recommend them as usually, having a headset or earphones can improve the quality of the audio.

➤ Do I a good English/Spanish level to start?

If you want to learn English and you can understand this, that’s good enough 🙂
If you want to learn Spanish, I specialise in Beginners, so even if you don’t know any Spanish at all, I can help you!

Trial Class

What is a trial class?

A trial class is a first time Skype call where we can meet each other! Trial lessons are 25′ long and they cost a fixed and super discounted price of USD5. You can only take a trial class once 🙂 During this meeting we will discuss your needs, interests and goals, so that I can assess your language level and create a learning plan for you!

How do I schedule a trial class?

Just click Book a Lesson and choose the time that works best for you!

Getting Started

When can I start?

After you take your trial class, you can start scheduling lessons! You can get and schedule the lessons online, at the time that works best for you, so it’s super easy!

➤ How do I sign up for lessons with you?

You can buy lessons directly here or get in touch with me through an email to work out together what the best package for you is.

What are the lessons like?

How many students are in each lesson?

Just you! These are private, one-to-one lessons, so you will get my full attention!

➤ Are lessons planned or are they free conversation?

Whichever type of course you choose to take, I will plan lessons and tailor material to your needs, so that you’re always improving and working towards your goals!

➤ What’s your teaching method?

I’m very flexible and dynamic and put a lot of work towards keeping my students engaged and motivated. During our trial lesson, we can discuss the best method for you, considering how you prefer to learn.

➤ Will I have to do homework?

You’re an adult, so I’m not going to preach about homework, lol. Completing homework assignments, even short ones, does maximise your learning and optimise the time we spend in class, but we can have a look at how much time you have available for homework and set a plan that works for you.

➤ Will I have to take an exam?

This is up to you, yes! Really! We can discuss your learning goals and style during our trial lesson, including whether you’d rather have exams or not. Remember my classes are tailored to your specific needs, so while most students prefer not to have any exams, we’ll do whatever is best for you!


How do I schedule a lesson?

It’s very simple. On this page you can always see my availability and choose exactly when you’d like to schedule your lesson. If you buy a lesson package, I will send you a special link where you can book your lessons just as easily.

➤ How far in advance should I schedule lessons?

I’m very lucky to have many students, so to ensure availability, I suggest you book a week in advance. However, sometimes there are free spots even 24 hours before, so just check and choose the best one for you!

➤ How many lessons per week should I take?

This is up to you, I can help you make a decision during our initial lesson. In general, I recommend at least 2 lessons a week, so that you keep a good learning rhythm and motivation, and from there, the more lessons you take, the faster you’ll achieve your goal.

➤ How can I pay for the lessons?

All lessons are paid for at the time of booking. You can easily do this through PayPal on this website (Paypal is a secure online payment system that anyone can set up for free here). All prices are expressed in USD.

*If you are based in New Zealand, you can also pay through a direct transfer in your local currency.


If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to help!

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Evelin has allowed me to appreciate the English language, which I hated before and finally I'm learning with excellent results. All this is given, in my opinion, by innovative methods of teaching, patience, dedication and the desire to transmit.- Salvatore | Production Manager, Italy
I've started taking English lessons with Evelin to improve my business communication at work. I felt insecure and dubitative every time I wanted to express myself. She patiently taught me how to write simple and effective formal emails in a very short time. We make the most of every class, from having a friendly chat to learning ways of writing with great interactive material. I’ve improved my English so much that now I’m able to talk and write with confidence. Thanks so much Evelin!- Martina | Retail Planning Manager, New Zealand
I'm from Japan and have been in New Zealand for few years. I needed to improve my speaking skills for IELTS exam. After taking Evelin's lessons several times, I got a much better score! Her lesson is very effective and she makes the lessons really comfortable for me. Therefore, I was able to take the lessons without worries even though it was my first time learning on Skype. Many thanks!- Masa | Painter, Japan
I love Evelin's lessons. I wait for them impatiently every week. I've never seen such a pleasant, positive, kind and nice teacher! I've already learnt a lot with her, though she's been teaching me for four months, the result is impressive! She made me feel confident while speaking and encouraged me to do my best. She's got great experience in tutoring. She tries to make the lessons interesting for you in particular. I'm so happy I've found such an amazing person as a teacher!- Maria | Student, Russia
Always great lessons with Eve. She's great, both at planning interesting, content-filled lessons, and just making conversation. Never a boring moment. I feel a lot more confident in my skills thanks to our lessons.- Peter | Academic Director, USA
Evelin helped me to improve my English communication. I can speak with Evelin about everything, she listens patiently and corrects my pronunciation. I had a great experience with Evelin and recommend her if you want to speak more confidently.- Volga | Business Manager, Germany