• Materials include interactive online documents and exercises, interactive PDFs, visual presentations, and more! 
    • Comprehensive General English Course.
    • Focus on all aspects of the language: vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing.
    • It can be structured around a syllabus or book, specifically chosen for you or designed by me according to your needs.
    • You will be speaking English every class!
    • Great course for all levels!

Why Learn Online?

It’s incredibly convenient, and comfortable! You learn from home,  from work, on holiday, or while travelling on business. The flexibility of choosing the right place and time for each lesson means that you never have to interrupt your learning, which will help you make progress faster.

About Me

I’m Evelin! I’ve been teaching for over 13 years (but I’m still young!). I’m a trained and internationally certified teacher, absolutely passionate about teaching (and travelling!). I’d love for you to read my profile and also have a look at my experience and qualifications!

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