• IELTS General and Academic (all papers)
  • IELTS Writing Corrections (read more below)
  • IELTS Speaking Mock tests (25′ lessons, read more below)
  • IELTS Speaking training

Other exams:

  • BEC (Business English Certificate)
  • FCE, CAE, PCE.

Getting Ready for IELTS

There are different ways of getting ready for IELTS. Depending on your level and how much you have to prepare before you take the exam, you may need a lot of hard-work and discipline to get the results you need. I absolutely love teaching IELTS, and I am very selective about which students I accept for exam preparation; if you’re really motivated and are ready to work hard as part of a team with me, then I’ll be happy to help you!

A) Prepare all IELTS sections

Take a full course to get ready for IELTS. Whether you have taken the exam before or it’s your first time, I will explain each part in detail, provide tips for getting higher scores and help you improve all your skills.

  • IELTS General and Academic
  • Vocabulary
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • 90′ lessons available. Get in touch to schedule!

B) Prepare a specific section

I specialise in Writing and Speaking. Many students are able to prepare their Listening and Reading tests alone, but need some extra help when it comes to the other skills, and this is exactly what this course focuses on, you can choose to work on both Speaking and Writing, or just one of them.

  • IELTS General and Academic
  • Focus on learning the right vocabulary for IELTS most popular topics.
  • Learn to organise your speaking so that it gets you a higher score.
  • Improve your writing skills and get trained in actually finishing the writing on time!
  • 60′ and 90′ lessons available. Get in touch to schedule.

C) Take Speaking Mock Tests

These are shorter lessons meant for students who are close to their exam dates and have already studied but need or would like to rehearse the Speaking test.

  • IELTS General and Academic
  • 25′ lessons
  • Rehearse Parts 1, 2 and 3, just like in the real exam!
  • Practice IELTS most current and popular topics.
  • Get specific feedback and tips for improvement at the end of each lesson.
  • Students usually take 3 to 5 of these lessons before their exams.

Why Learn Online?

It’s incredibly convenient, and comfortable! You learn from home,  from work, on holiday, or while travelling on business. The flexibility of choosing the right place and time for each lesson means that you never have to interrupt your learning, which will help you make progress faster.

About Me

I’m Evelin! I’ve been teaching for over 13 years (but I’m still young!). I’m a trained and internationally certified teacher, absolutely passionate about teaching (and travelling!). I’d love for you to read my profile and also have a look at my experience and qualifications!

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