Special Courses


  • This short course (5 to 10 lessons) is aimed at beginner through intermediate students who will be travelling soon
  • Learn or brush up the most useful vocabulary and expressions needed for a trip!
  • Practice listening and speaking in the most common travel situations, such as arriving at the airport, ordering a meal in a restaurant, and asking for directions!


  • Focus intensively on pronunciation skills.
  • After I assess your needs, we will work on individual sounds you need to improve, and for more advanced students, we can focus on other features of the spoken language, such as sentence stress and intonation.
  • The goal is to ensure you sound absolutely clear!
  • You can take this course in combination with your General English or Conversation lessons.


  • Focus on the particular skill or skills you’d like to improve: listening, reading, writing or speaking.
  • Course tailored to your needs.
  • Get the practice and learn the techniques you need to actually see your improvement and feel more confident!
  • Available in English.


  • If you are preparing for an exam or need to improve your writing skills for your work or studies, this special service will provide you with corrections, feedback and tips for improving your writing skills.
  • Contact me to get more information about how this service works.

Why Learn Online?

It’s incredibly convenient, and comfortable! You learn from home,  from work, on holiday, or while travelling on business. The flexibility of choosing the right place and time for each lesson means that you never have to interrupt your learning, which will help you make progress faster.

About Me

I’m Evelin! I’ve been teaching for over 13 years (but I’m still young!). I’m a trained and internationally certified teacher, absolutely passionate about teaching (and travelling!). I’d love for you to read my profile and also have a look at my experience and qualifications!

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